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Published:17/09/2009 10:24:40
College Laptops

With the school term already started in some areas of the country and the new university term ready to commence, there will be the usual clamour for books, bags, pencils, calculators etc and along with that do not be surprised if your child should request a college laptop computer to aid with their studies.

Previous generations, who have had little dealings with modern technology, may be somewhat sceptical of the need for laptops for school and view them as, merely, the latest fad in the list of teen/ twenty-something’s list of must have accessories, such as a mobile phone or the latest fashion item, but, perhaps it is worth thinking back to your own pre-laptop school days and your parent’s comments that “in my day we didn’t need calculators, we could count “. Whilst that is, undoubtedly, true that even the most complex mathematical problem can be solved using only a piece of paper and a pencil, surely, even the most committed technophobe would not rather return to the days of the abacus.

Laptop computers have become the latest in a long line of tools that have been designed to assist scholars improve their knowledge, skills or abilities. Laptops work like a veritable library of information from dictionaries to allow students to check their spelling and definitions of words and phrases, to calculators which can perform very complex sums, to an aid in referencing a million and one facts and figures that a student may require.

Children, from starting school, receive educational learning through computers in the classroom and become thoroughly versed on the advantages of having so much information available at the touch of a button and the laptop is an extension of this, but, with the added benefit of being portable. So, the information is accessible wherever the student chooses to work.

Of course, laptops can be used for emailing, messaging, game play, watching films and listening to music etc, but, should not be written off just because students may use their laptops for pastimes, which offer little or no educational value because this generation will grow into the first generation that will have no memory of life before computers and laptops and view emailing the way previous age groups viewed letter writing, as a way to keep in touch, and older generations should remember all the innovations that have been introduced in their lifetimes  that they, would not now, want to be without; colour television; microwaves; calculators; etc.

Laptops, available from, are an educational eye opener that no serious scholar would wish to be without.

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